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What is the correct way to serialize a protobuf object in ruby and parse in Java? This is for automated testing, we are listening for this message on a Rabbit queue.

Publisher (Ruby):

protoNew =
protoNew.request = request = id.to_i
protoNew.authentication = authentication

return protoNew.serialize_to_string

Consumer (Java):

    public void onMessage(Message message, Channel channel) 
        ProtoRequest protoRequest;
        try {
            protoRequest = ProtoRequest.parseFrom(message.getBody());
        } catch (InvalidProtocolBufferException e1) {
            logger.error("Error parsing protobuf", e1);

Here is the error I am seeing:

Error parsing protobuf: Protocol message end-group tag did not match expected tag. at [protobuf-java-2.6.1.jar:] at [protobuf-java-2.6.1.jar:] at [protobuf-java-2.6.1.jar:] at [protobuf-java-2.6.1.jar:] at [protobuf-java-2.6.1.jar:] at [protobuf-java-2.6.1.jar:] at [protobuf-java-2.6.1.jar:]


It is not clear how you are packaging the protoNew.serialize_to_string output such that it becomes content of JMS message for Java Code. I guess something is getting messed due to char encoding.

As a work around, you can do Base 64 encoding of the binary output of protoNew.serialize_to_string, and do Base 64 decoding at Java end.

require "base64"
return Base64.encode64 protoNew.serialize_to_string

On Java Side,

import org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64;
protoRequest = ProtoRequest.parseFrom(Base64.decodeBase64(message.getBody()))

One thing bad about the above solution is that it will result in bigger payload size compared to pure binary form.

PS: Please note that if I write output of person.serialize_to_string to a file in Ruby side, and read that file on Java, it seems to work fine

f ="data.dat", "wb")
f << person.serialize_to_string


I am currently using springAMQP to communicate between java and my RabbitMQ node. I am sending Protobuf data.

I would like to convert/cast/parse the received Message into the respective ProtoClass.

Here is the snippet from my Converter:

protected Message createMessage(Object object, MessageProperties messageProperties) {
    Preconditions.checkNotNull(object, "Object to send is null !");

    if (! {
        throw new MessageConversionException("Message wasn't a protobuf");
    } else { protobuf = ( object;
        byte[] byteArray = protobuf.toByteArray();

        messageProperties.setHeader(ProtobufMessageConverter.MESSAGE_TYPE_NAME, protobuf.getDescriptorForType().getName());

        return new Message(byteArray, messageProperties);

public Object fromMessage(Message message) throws MessageConversionException { parsedMessage = null;
    try {
        if(ProtobufMessageConverter.CONTENT_TYPE_PROTOBUF.equals(message.getMessageProperties().getContentType())) {
            String typeName = getMessageTypeName(message);
            Descriptors.Descriptor messageType = fileDescriptor.findMessageTypeByName(typeName);
            parsedMessage = DynamicMessage.parseFrom(messageType, message.getBody());
    } catch (Exception e) {
        throw new AmqpRejectAndDontRequeueException("Cannot convert, unknown message type %s".format(getMessageTypeName(message)));
    return parsedMessage;

What do I have to do to be able to build the object?

Here is my proto file:

message queueReply {
    required string identifier = 1; cycle
    required uint32 keyId = 2;
    required bool success = 3; 
    required bytes result = 4; 

I would like to obtain the class queueReply from template.receiveAndConvert()


Found the solution.

DynamicMessage o = (DynamicMessage)template.receiveAndConvert("queueName");
ProtoObject request = ProtoObject.parseFrom(o.toByteArray()); 


I have a question/problem.

I'm sending messages from C++ to Java (Play framework) using RabbitMq. So, in C++ side I used SerializeToString function (also tried SerializeToArray with char* ). ParseFrom doesn't work in Java using String or byte [].

Detail: in my message, I send base64 images, over 500k characters as String. The error is:

CodedInputStream encountered an embedded string or message which claimed to have negative size

Messages without base64 strings and other attributes, ParseFrom works ok.

Here the complete error:

play.api.http.HttpErrorHandlerExceptions$$anon$1: Execution exception[[InvalidProtocolBufferException: CodedInputStream encountered an embedded string or message which claimed to have negative size.]]
    at play.api.http.HttpErrorHandlerExceptions$.throwableToUsefulException(HttpErrorHandler.scala:323)
    at play.api.http.DefaultHttpErrorHandler.onServerError(HttpErrorHandler.scala:243)
    at play.core.server.AkkaHttpServer$$anonfun$1.applyOrElse(AkkaHttpServer.scala:382)
    at play.core.server.AkkaHttpServer$$anonfun$1.applyOrElse(AkkaHttpServer.scala:380)
    at scala.concurrent.Future.$anonfun$recoverWith$1(Future.scala:417)
    at scala.concurrent.impl.Promise.$anonfun$transformWith$1(Promise.scala:41)
    at akka.dispatch.BatchingExecutor$AbstractBatch.processBatch(BatchingExecutor.scala:55)
    at akka.dispatch.BatchingExecutor$BlockableBatch.$anonfun$run$1(BatchingExecutor.scala:91)
    at scala.runtime.java8.JFunction0$mcV$sp.apply(JFunction0$mcV$
Caused by: CodedInputStream encountered an embedded string or message which claimed to have negative size.
    at model.RequestOrResponse$Response.dynamicMethod(
    at model.RequestOrResponse$Response.parseFrom(
    at controllers.SubjectController.get(
    at router.Routes$$anonfun$routes$1.$anonfun$applyOrElse$14(Routes.scala:187)


Try encode base64 on C++ side and decode in Java side, before ParseFrom. Read more here