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We are integrating an internal framework into our weblogic application and we are running into deployment problems.

Technologies Used

  • Weblogic 10.3.6 application
  • Spring 3.0
  • Maven 2
  • Eclipse J2EE

The Problem

On startup of the weblogic application, we receive the following NoSuchMethodError while initializing one of the beans. This error is occuring when calling classes in the org.joda.time (2.0) jar.

Caused By: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.joda.time.DateTimeZone.convertLocalToUTC(JZ)J
      at org.joda.time.LocalDate.toDateTimeAtStartOfDay(
      at org.joda.time.LocalDate.toDateTimeAtStartOfDay(
      . . . excluded . . .

Things We Have Tried

  • After Googling "NoSuchMethodError spring", many of the problems seem to be incompatible Spring versions. After printing the dependency tree, the only Spring version in use is 3.0.

  • Googling "NoSuchMethodError" usually gave JAR hell solutions.

    • Multiple versions of the same dependency. After doing some maven dependency management, the only joda-time jar in use is 2.0. Additionally, the local repository was purged of any unnecessary jars.

    • .war / runtime may not have the correct jars included in the lib directory. After looking into the WEB_INF/lib directory, the only joda-time jar is version 2.0, which contains all of the appropriate class files

One mysterious thing is that the DateTimeZone.convertLocalToUTC(JZ)J has been a part of the org.joda.time project since 1.0, so even if we have incompatible versions, the method should still be found, especially if the class and package are able to be found.

Finally there are no other DateTimeZone classes in the project (ctrl+shift+T search in eclipse) so I'm confused as to which class is being loaded if the org.joda.DateTimeZone class is not being loaded.


  • Can anyone explain why the method could not be found?
  • Are there more places to check for existing or conflicting jars?
  • Is there a way to check the DateTimeZone class that the LocalDate class is using during runtime via Eclipse debug?


Here's some interesting reading:

prefer-web-inf-classes Element

The weblogic.xml Web application deployment descriptor contains a element (a sub-element of the element). By default, this element is set to False. Setting this element to True subverts the classloader delegation model so that class definitions from the Web application are loaded in preference to class definitions in higher-level classloaders. This allows a Web application to use its own version of a third-party class, which might also be part of WebLogic Server. See "weblogic.xml Deployment Descriptor Elements."

taken from:

Other troubleshooting tips:

You can try: -verbose:class and check your managed server's logs to check if the class is being loaded properly.

An efficient way to confirm which intrusive jar might be getting loaded is by running a whereis.jsp within the same webcontext (i.e., JVM instance) of this app.

--whereis.jsp --

<%@ page import="*" %>
<%@ page import="" %>
Class cls = org.joda.time.DateTimeZone.class;
ProtectionDomain pDomain = cls.getProtectionDomain();
CodeSource cSource = pDomain.getCodeSource();
URL loc = cSource.getLocation();
// it should print something like "c:/jars/MyJar.jar"

You can also try jarscan on your $WEBLOGIC_HOME folder to see if you can find the jar that contains this class:


`Whenever I tried to run spring boot application that shows some buildpath error. That Java Date and time jar already there in the classpath.

Archive for required library: 'C:/Users/GSM/.m2/repository/joda-time/joda-time/2.9.9/joda-time-2.9.9.jar' in project 'discovery-server' cannot be read or is not a valid ZIP file


You are obviously using Maven. Check if the file joda-time-2.9.9.jar in your local Maven repository is a valid archive by opening the file with any archive programm (p.ex. WinZip). If this gives you an error, delete the file in your local repository and rebuild your project. Maven will reload the file from Maven central (or whatever you have configured as remote Maven repository)


I have no experience with package structure. I added two external libraries (from Joda) to my eclipse project. The code makes use of the libraries with no problems. However, when I export the Archived File and open it on another computer, the libraries are no where to be found. Much sadness.The error looks like a little red exclamation point next to my project in the package explorer. Checkboxes next to the libraries have been checked/applied.


  • Right click on your project
  • Navigate to build paths -> configure build path
  • In order and export tab check whether the library is in the list or not
  • If it is not selected, tick the Checkbox and click apply