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Using Joda-Time in android jodatime String datetime convert to LocalDateTime object
How to parse time (hour, minute) from a string?
Jodatime IllegalInstantException
How to calculate No of Years, Months and days between two dates using Joda-Time
Formatting Joda-Time DateTime to String
How to include start date in Joda Time daysBetween?
java : How to add days to Hijri date?
Joda DateTime doesn't set date correctly via milliseconds
Cannot get the correct difference between two time stamps using Joda time
Using Joda-Time in arraylist How to determine if date exists in an array list using joda time
Android Joda Time, Having trouble sorting strings from ISOPeriodFormat
How to get only sharp hours in joda-time
How to add date in ArrayList of "Date" data type?
Using Joda-Time in calendar How can I use an SWT Calendar when I have all Joda DateTime objects?
How can I check with joda-time is it first, second, ... , or last week of a month by given date?
Java API to get the start and end detail of Daylight saving time for a particular timezone for a year
How do I convert a org.joda.time.LocalDateTime into java.Util.Calendar?
How to use the Chinese calendar system in Joda Time?
How to calculate a full days difference between two dates considering daylight savings in java
Why the differences when converting Local Time to GMT?
How to check if time in day is between two times?
Why is this CalendarView empty (showing nothing)?
Time conversion in java of format 20170526T043000Z
Using Joda-Time in date conversion JodaTime conversion by the end of the month
Joda DateTime Issue with Year
Good way to convert integer YYYYMMDD into java.util.Date with local time zone
Using Joda-Time in date difference Joda-time off-by-one error when counting days after 1918-03-24
Finding the real difference between dates in JDK7
Difference Between Two Joda DateTime In Months and Left Over Days
Calculating the number of days between two dates using joda time api
Days should display instead of week while calculating the date difference in joda time
Using Joda-Time in date formatting Inconsistent `w` symbol formatting from joda time to java.time
Convert date using joda time and ignore time
Is it possible in JodaTime to get day of week as a string having only integer number of a day of week without creation of DateTime object
Date formatting using JODA - Malformed at AM
Java JodaTime wrong seconds format
Using Joda-Time in date parsing JAVA and JODA Date parsing doesn't throw exception even when format is wrong
Jackson to deserialize Joda LocalDate from ISO DateTime
Convert "mm/yy" to "yyyy-mm-dd" in java
Java8 equivalent of JodaTime DateTimeFormat.shortDate()
Is JodaTime parsing this datetime incorrectly?
Using Joda-Time in datetime conversion UTC to local time in millis using JodaTime
Converting Time Zones from a String to UTC (JODA TIME)
API for timezone conversion
Using Joda-Time in datetime format Unable to remove millis from joda dateTime object
Joda time parse different datetime format
How to specify which century a date should be parsed in Joda-Time
SuperCSV Joda time LocalDate cell processor to accept more than one date format
Java Joda time Daylight savings time
Convert java Date to dbf FoxPro datetime format
How do I find the DateTime formatter pattern for this type of Date?
Joda-Time cannot find class "forPattern()"
Create a datetime object to represent an instance regardless of timezones for string manipulation
toString() method of org.joda.time.DateTime failed when Danish is set as VM argument
DateFormatter is not printing value in the given format
DateTimeFormat.forPattern won't use text for month
Converting CCYYMMDDHHMMSSsss into java using joda time format
Using Joda-Time in datetime parsing Android converting date time parse error (even tried joda time)
How to parse two similar string to datetime in one formatter with joda?
Not able to convert from HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z' to HH:MM format Java
DateTimeFormatterBuilder fail to chose format
DateTimeFormatter Accept Multiple Types and Convert to One
Using Joda-Time in dst How can I prevent Joda Time throwing an exception during Brazilian DST transition period
Converting from java.util.TimeZone to org.joda.DateTimeZone
Java API to get daylight saving boundaries for a year
JodaTime difference between plusHours and plusDays for Daylight Savings Time
Joda Time getSecondOfDay on DST switch day
Calculate the correct time with respect to time zone without daylight saving time
Fake Daylight Saving transition
How to change a Date based on time-only input and account for time zone and DST?
Using Joda-Time in duration subtracting / adding time from joda Duration
Convert duration to String in JodaTime
Summing durations using Joda Time
How do I convert a jodatime Duration into a string formatted as hh:mm:ss?
How can I convert a Joda's Duration to a java.time.Duration?
Printing Duration in Java so that it is Sortable Lexicographically
How to parse dHHmm to Duration?
Formatted string from JodaTime duration
Using two LocalDateTime instances to calculate a duration
How to convert a Duration to Period in Joda?
Converting two LocalTime objects into a Duration object
Cannot instantiate the type Duration - Joda Java
Duration.parse example
Cleanest way to parse duration in Java
Why does "iMillis" appear when serializing of Joda-Time Duration?
How to parse duration in format "HHmm" using JodaTime?
Joda-Time duration in exact decimal days
Joda Duration convert to nearest ceil
Joda time - minus Duration from DateTime
Pretty print java.time.Duration to something like "2 days"
joda dateTime, get duration in range
JodaTime show weeks in duration
I am getting wrong time between two dates in Joda-Time
Using Joda-Time in eclipse NoSuchMethodError - Calling Class/Method from Class in Same Package
joda-time-2.9.9.jar in project cannot be read or is not a valid ZIP file
Zip Referenced Libraries into Eclipse project
Using Joda-Time in gregorian calendar How to use JDK GregorianCalendar object dates with Joda
Why in order to compare hijri with iso dates you need to wrap a DateTime in LocalDateTime? (Joda)
Interval period beetwen two date in a year
Joda Years.yearsBetween issue?
Using Joda-Time in gson Serializing custom object that contains JodaTime objects into JSON
JodaTime LocalDate/LocalTime not Parsing with custom JSON Serializer classes
Why is my DateTime deserializer is truncating DateTime's minute/second/millisecond?
Joda DateTime deserialized from JSON as current timestamp instead of provided data
Gson omits hours when parsing Joda DateTime object
Gson: Cannot deserialization Joda Time LocalDateTime value properly in Android
Using Joda-Time in h2 Using Joda DateTime with Hibernate in H2 Database - SQLError
How do I modify my `@SQLUpdate` to convert a `Joda` `DateTime` object into an `h2`-readable timestamp?
Hibernate ClassCastException org.hibernate.type.SerializableType cannot be cast to org.hibernate.type.VersionType
Using Joda-Time in hibernate How to store joda DateTime in SQL Server database with hibernate
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.jadira.usertype.dateandtime.joda.integrator.UserTypeJodaTimeHibernateIntegrator
How to use multiple orOperator in MongoTemplate
Can't deserialize DateTime in NativeQuery with Java / Hibernate
Joda time saves invalid date through hibernate
Using Joda-Time in illegalargumentexception Parsing ISO 8601 duration format to Joda duration - IllegalArgumentException
JodaTime IllegalArgumentException: Invalid format
JodaTime IllegalArgumentException Invalid format "yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss"
How to check that a timestamp is older than a certain number of months?
JodaTime throws IllegalArgumentException with Date string from EXIF metadata
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid format: "2018-08-24T��:��:��" is malformed at "��:��:��"
Joda Time IllegalArgumentException
Parsing error when converting milliseconds to a DateTime format in Joda
JodaTime - IllegalArgumentException: Invalid format: "Mon, 29 Oct 2018 15:17:19 +0000"
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid format
Using Joda-Time in intervals How do you divide a time period into equal intervals and find the current one?
JAVA & Joda Time API: compare intervals, detect overlapping and generate new intervals
JodaTime Interval irrespective of the year?
Find missing date ranges in timeline using java
Proper validation of time intervals within the same day
Java - Define intervals of time with Joda
A simple case of date logic. Calculate intervals
jodatime interval between 2 datetimes
Find overlap between intervals
Using Joda-Time in iso8601 Parse ISO8601 date string to date with UTC Timezone
Joda ISODateTimeFormat not using timezone in String
How to check if an offset is there in an ISO date string
convert string timestamp to ISO 8601 compliant string
java JodaTime remove seconds
Using Joda-Time in jackson Jackson ObjectMapper adjusts dates to context timezone when deserializing even if explicitly disabled
Jackson incorrectly deserialize Joda dates with custom date format
How to parse date with optional characters in format
Converting date in String format to Joda DateTime using FasterXML
Using Joda-Time in java 7 Finding if a Joda Time Duration is 0 seconds long
Date difference in days for Java7
convert date time string to unix timestamp
Using Joda-Time in java 8 Java 8 Date equivalent to Joda's DateTimeFormatterBuilder with multiple parser formats?
Easy way to convert Java 8's LocalDateTime to Joda's LocalDateTime
java.time ISO date format with fixed millis digits (in Java 8 and later)
Java8 equivalent of Joda's ISODateTimeFormat.dateTimeParser()?
How to convert two digit year to full year using Java 8 time API
What is The Z at the end of Date in Elasticsearch
Java 8 ZonedDateTime or OffsetDateTime to replace Joda DateTime
DateTimeFormatterBuilder usages in Java 8, specifically optionals
Joda time: DateTimeComparator. What is similar in Java 8 Time Api?
Get the next LocalDateTime for a given day of week
Java 8: How to parse expiration date of debit card?
Week representation in Java 8 Time API
Java 8 LocalDate- determining the year of a yearless Feb-29 date?
TimeZone.getTimeZone("PST") vs TimeZone.getTimeZone("America/Los_Angeles")
Migrating from Joda time to Java 8 DateTime
Java ZonedDateTime to Instant conversion
Need non-proleptic Gregorian chronology in Java 8 (like org.joda.time.chrono.GJChronology)
Joda Time to Java Time Migration show different result while migration
java.time.format.DateTimeParseException: Text '2016-08-30T06:18:17:698-0600' could not be parsed at index 24
Find if hours ranges overlap regardless of the date
Issue with DateTime after migration from jdk6 to jdk8
parse armydate long number to LocalDate
Using Joda-Time in java time converting Joda time Instant to Java time Instant
How to convert from org.joda.time.DateTime to java.time.ZonedDateTime
Equivalent of joda.ISODateTimeFormat in java.time?
How to find n'th previous Sunday with Java date time API or Joda-time?
Joda betweenDays (LocalDate,LocalDate) not applicable
Why get different localDate with same timezone
Java time datediff using joda
Ordinal hour-of-day "Hour Ending" conversion to date-time value
Joda Time - repeating/weekly Interval
Are joda timezone ids the same as java time zone ids?
Java - get unix epoch with microsecond
Using Joda-Time in javafx java - printing out a date (as as string) using javafx - keeps printing current date
How can i use org.joda.time.LocalDate and java.time.LocalDate at the same time;
How do I specify how an object is converted to string to display it in a JavaFX TableView?
Using Joda-Time in joda convert Convert String to LocalDate
Joda: convert the system date and time to date/time in another zone
Convert from joda.Datetime to time.LocalDateTime is the right way?
How to convert or deserialize org.joda.time.LocalDateTime to milliseconds using Thymeleaf?
java.lang.StackOverflowError at org.joda.time.chrono.BasicChronology.getYear(
Using Joda-Time in jpa How to use jodaTime with hibernate
JPQL: why i can´t select a record by date?
Spring MVC how to handle Joda Data Types as JSON
Using Joda-Time in json Serializing Joda DateTime object is creating different output depending on context
Jackson JavaTimeModule for Joda Time?
JAX-RS, Jackson and JodaTime: not working automatic configuration
Finding difference of days from start and end using joda?
JodaTime LocalTime to JSON - Actual Stack Overflow
Using Joda-Time in jsr310 Joda Time and Java8 Time difference
Why does joda time update the time and offset when java time doesn't?
Why is withWeekOfWeekyear giving me a different offset?
Using Joda-Time in junit JodaTime setCurrentMillisFixed(millis) not working as thought
Java Mockito when-return on Object creation
JUnit assert equals to a Joda DateTime (with time zone)
How to compare DateTime by day?
Using Joda-Time in maven Is there a way to add maven dependencies while using the maven-jlink-plugin?
Why maven compilation failure?
How to use Joda-Time with Maven?
Java EE: NoClassDefFoundError org.joda.time.DateTime with IntelliJ and Maven
Shaded joda time does not contain classes
Which Jars I'm confused... Usertype, hibernate 4, JodaTime
Using Joda-Time in mysql Difference between MySQL datetime and joda time
Joda Time - Hibernate inserts yesterday's date into database
Converting UTC JodaTime.DateTime Object to TimeStamp in another Time Zone
ResultSet.getDate() returning wrong date
JPA Saving wrong date in MySQL database
hoursBetween gives too big value as answer
Using Joda-Time in oracle MyBatis cannot work with joda DateTime?
Using JAVA to store date/time info in the DB?
Spring: InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException?
Oracle Timestamp to BST time conversion
Using Joda-Time in parsing Pattern "YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss Z" causes parsing exception where Jodatime did not
Joda time parsing time with more than 24 hour
Joda Time invalid format expiration date facebook access token Java
JodaTime parsing date + time + half day is ignoring half day field
JodaTime Integer Min/Max Value parsing
Java Joda time is unable to parse DateTimeFormat::longTime
How can I convert a string into a DateTime for a specific timezone, preserving the date exactly is it comes for that timezone?
Parse exception in joda-time parsing day and time
Parsing date in polish locale in Joda?
Why does parsing a date with weekyear return the wrong year?
Joda failing in parsing RFC 2822 format
Joda-Time create LocalDate from String with Pattern
Pattern for parsing date with two timezone format in Joda-Time
Parsing DateString to Date or DateTime
Parsing time stamp strings from a different time zone
joda time formatter parsing yyyy-mm-dd with extra hour
Parsing HH:mm (with two digits minute) to LocalTime with JodaTime
Parsing simple civilian time to full date and time using Joda Time
Value 31 for dayOfMonth must be in the range [1,30] March
Incorrect Joda Time parsing of String to LocalDate
Joda DateTime automatically change timezone when parsing string
Java: Parsing Date as String which may or may not contain timezone info
parsing dateTime on remote server
Using Joda-Time in period Joda Period not converting all minutes to hours "8h, 132m"
Joda-Time: Strange behavior for leap year in Period calculation
Does org.joda.time.Period respect leap years?
Joda-Time Period Calculation
Joda-time Period doesn't seem to calculate days correctly
DateTime plus Period shows incorrect timezone
Generate different period of time using joda
A Bug in Jodatime calculating Period between 2 date range (which is ALMOST a year)
How to calculate sum from 2 period with negative sign on Joda Time
How to prevent negative result of JodaTime period
JodaTime unable to normalize PeriodType
joda Period returns 0 months
joda time period.getMonths() is always 0
How to convert and append days into hours of Period Class in java?
How to get the number of Period between two dates with Jodatime?
Putting Joda Time Period and LocalDate into a Parcel?
Calculating 2 period types from one period?
Present period in a string without negative numbers
Using Joda-Time in periodformatter PeriodFormatter not showing days
Joda Time PeriodFormatterBuilder
jodatime - PeriodFormatter: suffix only for day/days
ISOPeriodFormat.standard().parsePeriod("12:00:00") Exception
Joda time - Not able to calculate months / years from Period in minutes
joda time PeriodFormatter does not print years
jodaTime PeriodFormatter not formatting correctly
Joda time PeriodFormatterBuilder, can I omit weeks and use only days?
Using Joda-Time in scala Converting date time to epoch time losing an hour in Java/scala
How to calculate the number of years between 2 dates if the month is a 3 letter string
Scala datetime between nscala-time and Java 8 data time
Convert nscala-time Datetime to java.util.Date
How to compare date/time on a form within the Scala Play Framework?
Given a DateTime object, how do I get DateTimeZone in Joda Time?
Converting time using Timezone with JodaTime / scala
Datetime: Split a time segment in Days, Hours and Minutes
Using Joda-Time in serialization Spring Boot ignores @JsonDeserialize and @JsonSerialize
Whats the most efficient way to persist a Joda-Time `DateTime` object?
JodaTime Serialization issue
Deserialization of java.util.time.LocalDateTime to joda LocalDateTime
Jackson serializaton of joda LocalTime
Deserialising string to map with multiple types using jackson
In Hibernate how to ignore a property only during serialization and not in deserialization
joda datetime deserialization
Jackson Java 8 LocalDateTime serialization with nanos
Serialization and Deserialization of JodaTime dates as json
How can I revert json String with joda Date Time
Using Joda-Time in simpledateformat Joda-Time: convert SimpleDateFormat pattern to DateTimeFormat.forPattern
Why this date is not showing in GMT?
how to get current time from given timezone name in java?
SimpleDateFormat setTimeZone not working if phone timezone has changed
2020-04-03 20:17:46 to "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss" format
Convert a date of 6 months ago from now, into a String
How to determine a date in between Friday and Sunday of the week at a particular time
Timestamp to this particular format
String Format works fine through Java's SimpleDateFormat and not with JodaTime's DateTimeFormat
Unparsable Date in Java: Basic Calendar instance parse issues with SimpleDateFormat
Using Joda-Time in sorting Sorting LocalDateTime
How to get start and end range from list of timestamps?
Collections.sort(<StringDate>, new Comparator) is not comparing the dates properly
How to sort date of different formats
Using Joda-Time in spring boot Jackson fails on deserializing String to Joda-Time
joda.time.DateTime.toLocalDateTime() NoSuchMethodError
String to DateTime on runtime JAVA
LocalDateTime from Joda Time ISO 8601 formating with no timezone information
Migration from org.joda.time.Interval in Spring Boot
Using Joda-Time in spring mvc Spring @RequestParam DateTime format as ISO 8601 Date Optional Time
Register ObjectMapper in Spring 4.1.3 to serialize Joda DateTime
Property Editor Exception with Joda LocalDate
Getting Spring MVC to work with JodaModule
Spring MVC, MessageConverters, Code Configuration Ignored
Encrypting Joda Date combined with username as a single variable
How to pass date format at run time spring mvc joda
Using Joda-Time in spring Convert String date to ISO date format "2019-07-01T03:50:00.000Z" in Java
Jackson Joda Module deserialize ISO Date to Joda DateTime
How do I properly add a 'Z' at the end of a datetime that's marshalled by Spring MVC with JAXB?
Spring bean unable to resolve constructor for org.joda.time.DateTime
Configuration of CustomJacksonMapper to deal with DateTime is not working on Spring 4.1.5
Can't convert from string to Joda LocalTime with DefaultFormattingConversionService
Using Joda-Time in timestamp Convert Joda LocalDateTime to Unix timestamp
read timestamp which is in a different locale
Validating Timestamp format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ in java?
java.sql.Timestamp to Joda Instant and vice versa
java.time.Instant -> java.sql.Timestamp behaving differently on Windows vs *nix (timezone-related)
Offset epoch date by timezone and hour:minute
Determine season in Java with JodaTime given timestamp and time zone
Unix timestamp keeps returning Jan 17 1970 in DateTime
Getting 23:00 of the previous day when converting LocalDate to Timestamp
Java Time API get offset from sql Timestamp given the Chronology
Java: How to find timestamp at the end of the month for a given timezone
How do I convert a Joda DateTime(UTC) to a java.sql.Timestamp(UTC)?
Storing a "fake" timestamp into a database
Reading string timestamp in UTC as UTC time using DateTime class joda time library
Timezone not setted correctly during convesion from java.sql.Timestamp to joda DateTime
How to get current time in Scala in timestamp/datetime format so that it can be stored in PG table
Storing and retrieving a joda DateTime in this format YYYYMMDDHHMMSSFF
Using Joda-Time in timezone offset Handling time zone offset transition and daylight savings time with Joda
How do I get the UTC offset for a timezone in Java?
joda datetime with timezone offset, after insert to DB will change to UTC time
How do I convert ISO8601 to utc using joda time in JAVA?