Hot questions for Using Cassandra in ignite


I wish to evaluate the performance gain of using Apache Ignite together with Apache Cassandra. I've built Ignite from source, the default configuration boots fine. Starting from the example in the documentation, I was then trying to set up a basic cluster, but I keep getting java.lang.ClassNotFoundException on the classes used, for example

I've searched for the class files in the provided jars, ad set ambient variables accordingly (both CLASSPATH and USER_LIBS). Still, Ignite cannot find them. I am using ignite 1.7 and Oracle JDK 1.8.

Any suggestion wuold be really appreciated. Thank you.


I tried to copy the ignite-cassandra folder into the libs folder as suggested in the README file. Tried with and without setting the IGNITE_HOME environment variable, both the bin and src distributions, still the required class cannot be found.


Copying ignite-cassandra folder into the libs must help. Note that it has to be done prior to node start. Also try to unset CLASSPATH and USER_LIBS variables if they are still modified and let script to create classpath. As long as your libs folder structure is correct, it should be done automatically.