Hot questions for Using Applets in smartcard


I am working on Java Card (SIM) and I am using OTA Technology. There are some expressions that I do not have a good definition for them.

For instance, when I load an applet on SIM (Subscriber Identity Module), I use BIP or SMS. I know about SMS. But what is BIP?

I appreciate if anyone could describe the following expressions for me:

  1. RFM & RAM
  2. TAR
  3. DAP
  4. BIP

I know that TAR stands for Toolkit Application Reference but I would like the meaning explained.


I found the correct answer to these questions. I want to share it. I hope I can help.

  1. RFM stands for Remote File Management. RAM stands for Remote Application Management.

Both of them are a standard mechanism for remote management of files or Applications(for java card like SIM)--->more information ETSI TS 102 225,226.

  1. TAR stands for Toolkit Application Reference

This is a form of identification that specifies who can take this package on destination (for destination identification).

To be addressed, the Toolkit Application needs a first-level application (e.g. GSM, USIM application). More information on TAR can be found in ETSI TS 102 220.

  1. BIP stands for Bearer Independent Protocol

It is a mechanism by which the terminal provides the UICC with access to the data bearers supported by the terminal and the network.

This feature enables a UICC to establish a data channel through the handset to a remote server in the network. Depending on UICC / ME capabilities BIP can handle up to 7 open data channels at the same time. For more information ETSI TS 102 223 and Interoperability Stepping Stones (this is a SIM Alliance document).


I am new to javacard applet development.How many development tools are there now? Which is the simplest for beginners? As simple as possible... Thanks in advance


There is a development kits called JCIDE, is free. After installation, can be used directly, no configuration parameters. Unfortunately, when debugging, only set one breakpoint, but normal use is enough. I feel very good, recommended to you.