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I want to change the input type of an edit text to visible when a switch is checked.

Switch a =(Switch) findViewById(;
    a.setOnCheckedChangeListener(new CompoundButton.OnCheckedChangeListener() {
        public void onCheckedChanged(CompoundButton buttonView, boolean isChecked) {
                EditText pass = (EditText) findViewById(;
                EditText pass = (EditText) findViewById(;

It works when I turn on the switch and makes the password visible but when I turn it off it remains visible and doesn't change.



Try this in your else statement for showing the password type variation. The reason is because it needs to specify that the input class is of the type text.


I have an edittext that I want to accept positive and negative numbers.

It works phone on my phone, the keyboard shows the "-" sign, however it doesn't work on some phone whereas the "-" doesn't show up on their keyboard. See the attached images. How to fix it so that it works on all Android phones. I set the edittext to android:inputType="numberDecimal|numberSigned" The first image is on my phone whereas the 2nd image shows the user's phone and he's having problem entering the "-" sign. He uses Android version 5.0.1.


Thank you.


Moving my comment to the answer:

I can see the - on both images. Probably on the lower one you need to hold the button for it though.

It worked, holding the button selects the -.


So what I would like is a very simple edit text with input type number or decimal that has the following aspects.

Number Edit Text: You can only type up to Long.MAX_VALUE / Long.MIN_VALUE, so I can cast to a long without modifying the user's input.

Number Decimal Edit Text: You can only type a number convertible to a double.

Also I do not need to use BigDecimal or BigIntegers, I need primitive values. Finally, I know this was already asked here but it is not what I want. There are some different requirements.


I managed to do it with a custom class extending EditText that adds a TextWatcher in the constructor. In the afterTextChanged method it tries to convert that to a long. If it fails (NumberFormatException) it sets the number to the respective min / max value (based on the "-" sign at the beggining of the number).