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Using Android EditText in android activity How do I get the result from a Java class to display in an Android activity?
Put a slash in the date of a EditText
Android Activity: Input number, press button, pass from the xml to the class
listview search function + and open activity
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get value from edit text and do some calculations
EditText becomes null on other methods
value disapears when trying to get it back on second Fragment
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Android Edit Text - Input Type Number not setting max value
Using Android EditText in android intent How to check if an editText box(s) is empty or not in android using Java
How to Intent Dynamically generated EditText data in Android?
Entered Username won't appear after App title
Cannot Resolve Method setVisibility(int)
Using Android EditText in android linearlayout Why my EditText gets covered by the layout?
getting text from dynamically added edit text in linear layout
How to vertically combine two editTexts in a linearlayout
Using Android EditText in android listview How to accelerate smooth scrolling in Android multiline Edittext?
ListView containing TextView and ListView containing EditText not on the same line
when clicked on any list view item, show that item text into EditText
How to display value in Custom Listview from Edittext
editable EditText in clickable listView
Android Studio - Custom Listview EditText value not storing
Using Android EditText in android recyclerview RecyclerView: Disable scrolling caused by change in focus
Android RecyclerView's EditText swaps its position after entering data and scroll down
Why Android Pie requires double tap to sustain focus on an edit text that is an item part of recyclerView? How to solve it?
Editing duplicated item in RecyclerView with EditText
Edittext data appears in other edittext scrolling in recyclerview
Scrolling when keyboard opened Multiple edittext in RecyclerView
Using Android EditText in android softkeyboard Android: Is there any way to identify when the keys are pressed/unpressed on an edittext softkeyboard?
Restrict EditText programatically to show numeric keyboard
Using Android EditText in android studio How to set a DrawableLeft to an EditText with PasswordToggleEnabled
How to get the selected cursor position in EditText?
Percentage Calculator isn't Working in Android Studio
Android Studio Java EditText Contains Words
Error with "null" EditText applying to end of URL in Android Studio
Cannot get Toast from EditText
How I can determine which text is selected in EditText?
How to show current url in EditText - android studio
I'm trying to use EditText from Material Design - and I'm getting runtime exception
Assign value to variable using popup edit text on android studio
Extending an EditText View in Android: Not letting me use my custom methods. why?
Saving EditText and retrieve it automatically
Android Studio: Send text as a "textbox"
Multiplying EditText by particular value- Android Studio
Using Android EditText in android textinputedittext TextInputEditText don't work on Android 5.1
how do I display the alternating icons in editText?
Using Android EditText in android textwatcher How Edittext can accept only two numbers after decimal point
DecimalFormat issue with EditText Input
How to change TextView if there's input in multiple EditTexts?
Auto remove leading space of any text of EditText?
How to add 3 decimal places Currency formatting to edittext Using TextWatcher Android
Format TextWatcher android
Using Android EditText in android view Allow scrolling EditText and swiping ViewPager
still getting error: 'implement abstract method 'onFocusChange(View, boolean)' in 'OnFocusChangeListener' even when the method has been implemented
How to define a different color and width of an EditText in Android
How to edit text (content) inside an Android View item
Using Android EditText in arraylist Changing one EditText in ListView changes all
Read lines from an EditText and add strings to the ArrayList
Creating a Mutable ArrayList to save Input Text in Android Studio
Updating object `A` when object `B` is changed - Android programming
Android: EditText input to ArrayList returns Null to TextView
Getting user input from multiple editText, then store in ArrayList
Using Android EditText in arrays Filling two-dimensional array by values from EditText
How to update a string or string array in java from a editttext activity
Saving an EditText into an Array (different activity)
Using Android EditText in autocomplete How can i auto-fill an edit text from it's mid?
Delete entries in Android MultiAutoCompleteTextView
How can I allow specific strings in an edittext and show these string to the user?
Using Android EditText in button How to disable button if ANY EditText is empty?
How can I add EditText(s) and a CheckBox with a Button?
EditText data not being passed over without button click
Add Double each time user clicks button on EditText
How to get value in edittext from a Radio Groups in Popup Activity?
Android Studio - Create an EditText with a click of a button
How do I add text from an EditText field to different TextViews in android studio
How to save the state of several EditTexts (to avoid user's mobile rotation) which were created on run time on a button press?
want to use One Button as backsapce for 2 seperate Edit Text?
how to use edittext inside the radiogroup in android?
Button not disabling if text missing in edittext
How to create a button in an app that sets edit texts to 0 in java?
Font changing is not working on Edittext
Edittext Field allow user to change field by button or edit and assign result to variable
My android app is closing on button click (probably newbie error)
getting text from dynamically created edittext into a button android java
How to add unknown number of edittext on button click in android
Edittext: Error solved then enable the send button in android
Changing EditText on button click
how to change a text of selected EditText (android)
Using Android EditText in colors How to get a Text's shadow color programatically in android?
Android Change Color of EditText Accent via Java When Active & Not Active
how to change color of the selected words in EditText
Using Android EditText in crash IndexOutOfBoundsException when setting text in EditText using TextWatcher addTextChangedListener()
App Crashing when typing in EditText
Android Application Crashes When EditText Is Entered Empty
app crashes with no input while using Edittext in android studio
I Have Crash Error when I Clicked Button; The specified child already has a parent. You must call removeView() on the child's parent first
Clicking register causes android app to crash
EditeText On text changed is crashing
Updating EditText Value in TextChangedListener Causes Crash
Appcrash: How to delete a character in edittext by pressing delete button?
Button that clears EditText(s) crashes my app
App crashes when i leave the EditText field empty
App is crashing after looking for EditText.isEmpty()
Using Android EditText in dialog You must call removeView() on the child's parent first with AlertView
EditText setText not displaying on a Dialog Fragment
EditText autoscroll doesn't work after showing dialog
EditText hints and TextViews not displaying in dialog
How do I capture information from EditText view in a dialog box?
NullPointerException: EditText in DialogAlert
Having two editText in a dialog box and set the positive button as enable based on these
How to get string-input from AlertDialogBox (EditText.xml)
dialogBuilder.setMessage is empty
how to put values of edit texts in the dialogue box
Not display current time for android timePicker dialog
How to passed the value of DatePickerDialog to different editText?
how to get text from edittext inside a dialog
How do I make my AlertDialog appear as soon as EditText has focus?
EditText on Dialog returns no text
TextWatcher inside AlertDialog not working
Trouble with my custom layout for an Alert Dialog
Doesn't show Keyboard when requesting EditText after Dialog
Using setError for edit text input validation Android
Android - EditText dosen't refresh in dialogfragment
How to use AlertDialog to prompt for PIN
Spell Check in EditText AlertDialog not working
EditText in DialogFragment always return empty string
How to make text from EditText in AlertDialog available in MainActivity class?
Adding multiple edit texts to an alert dialog
Using Android EditText in eclipse Eclipse editText remove focus (cursor) when done is pressed
Android Only compiling with API 20: Android 4.4 (KitKat Wear)
Java Using Method from Different Class for Android
Adding to my TextView
Using Android EditText in filter android EditText maxLength not working
How to compare originalList to filterList in recyclerview using Filter?
Input Filter - Regex for Two Decimals
Edittext enter percentage value with lessthen 100 and after point only two digit acceptable
How to Filter/Extract Code from SMS (Android)
Android EditText: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: getChars (0 ... 16) ends beyond length 15
How to block user from inputing a specific character on a EditText
Android EditText Symbol must remain at initial position
Filter Edittext to accept word or number that doesn't start with 0
Using Android EditText in focus Requesting focus to a EditText after another EditText has been touched?
EditText with selectable text is unfocusable
Do a request Focus on edittexts created programaticcaly
nextFocusForward to a disbled EditText creating problem
EditText Focus and Cursor Selection is Inputting to the Wrong Input Field
How to control which EditText has focus for when performing a barcode scan
Remove Focus While Scrolling Multiline EditText
Is there a way to hide the keyboard without losing the focus of the EditText
How to change Auto Focus on EditText in Java Android Studio?
Select all text inside EditText when it gets focus without scroling to the end
How to enlarge edittext when focussed. (like google chrome url field)
Using Android EditText in gettext .length() vs .getText().length() vs .getText().toString().length()
editText.getText().toString() retrieves the String all uppercase
EditText.getText() returning empty string
EditText.getText().toString() in a fragment returns empty
Android getText a text from EditText?
Get text from EditText into string to another activity
Error: “Method getText() must be called from the UI thread, currently inferred thread is worker.”
How to fix overriding of EditText's getText method
EditText.getText has a delay
Problems with onClickListener following getText() keyboard input in Android Studio
unable to get value from edittext into string
EditText.getText() not working?
EditText.getText().toString() comparison to other string fails
edittext.getText().getString() is always empty
Using Android EditText in if statement How to clear the string in the editText when clicking on it
dynamically viewing edittext from spinners
If statment only checks one time
Problem with checking that all EditTexts are empty
Android If statement fails
in android, trying to find text loaded from an asset file
how to set uneditable other EditTexts after type in one of them?
Using Android EditText in input How to format the input of EditText when typing with thousands separators (,) in Android?
EditText to Input Money Amount
Add the value of an EditText to a string in the strings.xml after input without a button click
Negative Decimals in EditText
EditText check if input is from 0 to 9 and display toast?
2 Buttons 2 EditTexts string inputs 1 TextVew output
Check if a number inputted in an "EditText" is in an array - Android Studio Java
Cannot resolve symbol showsoftinput
How to type Non-English text in a password EditText with android:inputType="textPassword"
Making EditText input only accept numbers not working
Adding automatically thousand separators as number input doesn't work
Soft input keyboard is not hiding on edittext
Android EditText has fixed input
Android EditText field being set to current time and not time inputed by user
how can create specific input type on edittext? The input accettable is Roman numbers M D C X V I
I get NullPointerException When I try to compare a value from database and an edit text input
Edittext text input listener
EditText with inputType: textEmailAddress not able to type text using Espresso
Spinner value based on edit text input
How to access user input from an activity to another class?
EditText for input and output
EditText to enter 3 alphas and 4 digits - change input type dynamically
How to use EditText user input, increment and decrement buttons values in android
Outputting editText and textViews based off user input?
How to input Multiple Data in one EditText separated only by a comma?
How to display multiple EditText inputs after pressing Button in one TextView?
What is the equivalent of OnInputListener in Android
How to display EditText input in another activity when Radio Button is checked?
Trying to pass input value of activity to another activity (loadurl)
EditText, How to start typing from end to beginning?
android edittext get first two input value's sum
android edittext get first two input value's sum
How to return user input values (double) from EditText- Android
How to input text in EditText with 2 groups of RadioButtons
Manually input date in edittext
Displaying dynamic user input programmatically
reverse editText box to start after no input has made in Android Studio
Using Android EditText in integer get Integer value from EditText Android
converting the string from an EditText into an integer causes application stop-working before it starts
Passing EditText integer to TextView via Intent app crashes after clicking (button) three
EditText to Integer (Android)
Float and Integer numbers EditText
Convert Text from EditText to Integer Value Error
EditText Integer_Input_Type crashes when null
LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT does not work but integer does
Get integer value from edittext And Access value on Button
Using Android EditText in json Search an data listview using edittext
Refresh json url when button pressed
Seeing if an object a jsonarray list is equal to the user input
Using Android EditText in keyboard Edittext only allow letters (programmatically)
Perform action on EditText enter pressed in android while retaining the enter icon on keyboard?
Bring up keyboard when clicking on EditText
EditText hint does not change when keyboard is in full screen mode?
Android on "<" key up listener on an edit text?
open keyboard in OnViewCreated
android: EditText numberDecimal - how to start the keyboard as minimized
Keyboard shows up automatically when the app starts?
Keyboard pushing edittext content when clicking
Using Android EditText in kotlin Android OnClickListener only triggered on second click
Android Soft Keyboard hiding EditText when reopened
Dynamic leading text for android's EditText
Using Android EditText in layout Changing EditText bottom line color with appcompat v7
Custom Keyboard: handling inputType change
Android: TextInputLayout won't center the hint
TextInputLayout: EditText added is not a TextInputEditText. Please switch to using that class instead
Android dynamically add EditText in Linear Layout
Android detects instanceof EditText and instanceof TextView as the same
Android password XML attribute - Deprecated
Is there any way to automatically set the all layouts to support for both RTL and LTR direction types of languages in android
Android java with clear button
Align TextView above EditText
Android - Center text inside EditText programmatically
How to automatically (when typing) expand and shrink columns of EditTexts to show all symbols?
Make EditText pass focus back to parent layout when finished editing.
Code for How Dynamically implement the Linear layout based on the count value given to the Edit text view
Android studio , how to align multiple text view and edit texts in linear layout(horizontal)
[Android]: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: No field error_color_material
onFocusChange called multiple times results in "hasFocus" variable to be unusable
How can EditText occupy all the remaining space in a layout?
Cannot programmatically Create multiple EditText with Parameters
Keyboard next button when using include tag
EditText AdjustResize forcing content out of view
Android - Dynamic Edit Text Not Visible
Getting Values from two Inflatable Edittext arrayLists and Calculating Values
Cursor at wrong position when resizing EditText with animateLayoutChanges
How to add an edittext in the middle of the toolbar?
After click on editText is done when going to another edittext
How to disable entering numbers after zero in edittext?
android-can't get value of edit text in fragment
Move EditText (or a layout) above the keyboard when you click a fab
EditText not scrollable inside NestedScrollView
How to read values from inflatable Edit Text and put them in an ArrayList
How to hide FragmentTabHost android layout when soft keyboard appears?
Android: Expandable listview with different child layouts
android.widget.RelativeLayout cannot be cast to android.widget.EditText
Maybe need something other than onClick
How do I get the value of the contents inside a row of a tablelayout
Android/Java: EditText focus moves whole layout, and only ScrollView should be
android: Set time from time picker in dynamic edit text in table row
get all CheckBoxes spread over several views in Android
Custom Listview not showing untill Edittext is selected and Keyboard comes up
EditText space between image and text
Using Android EditText in listview ListView Scrolls to Top when EditText Grows
Edit listView value
Listview, scroll to bottom, weird behaviour with EditText View
Android: I am having trouble opening the UI from MainActivity after creating intent
Android handle soft enter key
Get updated value from EditText in a ListView
How to display seekBar value and selected spinner item from Activity A to Activity B?
Integration of EditText with CustomListView
Get an Edittext value of an listview when click on it's item
Using Android EditText in nullpointerexception Edittext field Not detecting. Throws Null Pointer Exception
Double.parseDouble(EditText) always throws NUllPointerException. How to solve?
java.lang.NullPointerException for android.widget.EditText.addTextChangedListener
How to check for NullPointerException from EditText
java.lang.NullPointerException while fetching value from EditText
Using Android EditText in regex Regex - don't select comments inside double quotes
Java Regexp allow only letters, no leading whitespace, and cannot be empty
Android: Error in flow of passing through methods
Regex to match digit values separated by space, but whole string doesn't end with space
Validate [Preference] filename from EditText using regex
Using Android EditText in settext editText.setText only function from one activity
My EditText is only updated by SetText(); every 2nd attempt
Regex Patter on EditTextby using setTextValidationis not working properly
EditText: Cursor does not update when calling setText() with a custom Editable
SetText For EditText
Android: setText() doesn't work on device, but on emulator with keyboard input
setText without moving the text cursor
How can i insert a string into editText.setText()
settext for more than one edittext in vertical lines
Using Android EditText in sharedpreferences SharedPreferences not working/saving data from EditText field
Android - trying to get data back from Activity 2 to Activity 1 and from method to method
Saving value of EditText in SharedPrefences after Text is changed
using shared preferences for retrieving data
Using Android EditText in spannablestring Finding EditText Editable getSpans Start and End Index
How to highlight Multiple words in EditText?
Using custom Editable with EditText makes it glitchy while editing
Android Editable is abstract; cannot be instantiated
Using Android EditText in string Check if a string is too big to fit in a TextView
Format currency string using EditText in Android
put a comma in the numbers just inside the string math
Using R.String in an editText in android
shortening a URL string programmatically
Hide part of a string in EditText (Java/Android)
Android/Java: Set textview with char from index of string
How to extend Selection to a whole word in EditText?
How to notify an EditText that spans have changed without re-reading the entire string
Enter character immediately after entering first character in android
Convert String in EditText to Double
EditText doesn't update its text
Error while trying to replace editText string start
How to catch the value of string on a EditText?
EditText to String returns Null
Android Hebrew EditText
Resolve java.lang.NumberFormatException: Invalid double: "" without losing placeholder text
String cannot be return to previous activity and insert to its editText
Understanding this string format in Java for Android Studio
Android- Error Message
Checking if a word from file matches a random character string from EditText
Put point in string value (android java)
Using Android EditText in textview The specified child already has a parent. You must call removeView() on the child's parent first (Android)
Why is this simple android app recursive?
Setting EditText Cursor Color With Reflection Method
Set id in dynamic edittext and textview
EditText with textMultiLine not working
Change the behaviour of "imeOptions" (Android)
Put Textview Value Into Editext
Setting text to TextView from EditText element shows blank
How to show SQL data by ID in editTextView?
Display pass value to editText
Get Value from textview in edittext in Android
Using Android EditText in textwatcher TextWatcher runs multiple times on entering Return Key in EditText
Textwatcher android
How to disable button with multiple edit text using Textwatcher?
Clear TextView from within TextWatcher method
Move Cursor to next line in a MultiLine EditText after re-attaching TextWatcher
Text spanned over multiple edittext, Android
How to get the currently typed text from edittext using textwatcher?
Using Android EditText in timepicker Android Date Picker Fragment can not be set to Custom date
android: error with time picker listener in dynamic edit text
Using Android EditText in user interface How add another EditText when I click and fill another ( Android )
Android: edittext - typing two spaces after a letter replaces the first space with a period
Android : Adding EditText one below the old one dynamically
Applying Math.log To EditText
cursor won't change in edittext
EditText changedListener is not getting called
Using Android EditText in validation Restrict special characters in android password edittext
Android: OnTextChanged email validation is not working as expected
Validating Multiple edittext and showing edittext.setError("String");
How to manually validate EditText?
How to check EditText for alphabet validation in Android
Android, How do i create country code in edit text for phone number validation?
Email validation only when field is not blank in Android
Using Android EditText in xml EditText auto suggestions are blank or non existing
Same XML, Different Behaviour
How to have fixed cursor position for EditText?
android:ime Rendering Problems
Editext gives IndexOutOfBound Exception
Spacebar removes the letter in edit text on double tap
can't find reason why I can't read from editText
MaskedEditText cannot get text
EditText with permanent indent at start
Android - Multiline EditText wothout auto line break
Set columnWeight on EditText
How to use EditText value (numberDecimal) in math operations Java
Align by Parent on programmatically generated elements
Multiline Edittext with Horizontal Lines
Is it possible to receive an EditText from an xml activity to java that's not connected to the xml?